Guide to Character and Cabal Creation

Character creation is closely wrapped up with world-building in Unknown Armies 3. The group (or cabal), its objectives, and the places and people in the world they are most closely connected to are established collaboratively in an initial character phase.  

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up a game with a coherent party of broken characters.

Check Mental State

Count how many hardened notches your character has. Check for burnout (25 notches or two fully hardened shock meters). Mark failed notches (1 per 5 hardened notch, rounded up) and check for mental trauma.

Legacy Obsession Examples

Earlier versions of Unknown Armies included some good examples of obsessions. They didn’t make it into UA3, but they do give players some helpful suggestions for both mundane and adept obsessions.

They are reprised here, along with how they have been applied to a couple of sample character.